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The Rhodes team has designed and delivered more championship rings than any other group in the US. Our comprehensive process is executed with precision and unmatched service. Our office has worked with teams and individuals at all levels, from junior high school to FBS. We have every kind of style for every kind of champion. We understand the process of becoming a champion is rigorous and that is where our passion to exceed expectations originates.

Championship Rings

Celebrate the achievement with the most complete assortment of custom championship rings through Rhodes-Jostens. Our goal is to craft a ring that inspires the championship glory for years to come and leaves a legacy of excellence. Ever since we designed and made the 1st ever Super Bowl ring, we have been the drivers of innovation in the championship arena.

By The Numbers

  • Jostens has produced over 690,000 college championship rings since 2008
  • The New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 ring is the largest ever produced and has a carat weight of 5.1
  • Jostens has been producing custom jewelry since 1897
  • The Rhodes team combined has over 200 years of industry experience
  • FBS: 17 of the past 21
  • MLB: 13 of the past 17
  • NFL: 17 of the past 24
  • Previously the exclusive BCS supplier and now the exclusive CFP Championship provider

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Take a look at our championship ring catalogs to see industry-leading craftsmanship and customization for yourself.

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