Save money, confirm your order with our trained staff and receive some of your items that day.

Your school specifies the graduation requirements.

We accept cash, money order, personal/business check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

*Please Note: Personal/business checks are not accepted for final payment at school. Please no checks after March 1st.

Order by December 1st to avoid additional rush fees.

You can find your unique order number at the top right corner of your invoice.

Orders placed without a deposit can be changed by contacting our office. Orders placed with a deposit can be changed within 3 business days.

Graduation items are delivered by our staff to your school to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

If you haven’t received an invoice and it’s been more than two weeks from your order day, please complete the contact us form so that we can update your email and mailing address. Please include your full name as well as your school name.

A diploma plaque is an exact duplicate of your official diploma engraved in nickel and mounted on a wooden plaque. This is our most popular item!

We ask that all payments be made to our company by mail, online, or when our staff is at your school for order or delivery days.

Please check with your senior sponsor or our calendar page for upcoming events.

No orders can be accepted by phone. All orders must be submitted at the school on specified order dates or placed online at our order page.

Graduation gowns are made to fit each individual. They are designed to drape loosely on the student for comfort. The length of the gown should be between your knee and ankle (mid-shin).

If the gown does not fit, please contact our office so we can exchange the gown so that you are ready to go for your big day.

On average, students typically order 40-60 announcements. All of our announcements are custom and steel engraved with heavy weight paper. This is the most formal way to announce this milestone to your family and friends.

Class Jewelry/Class Rings

No, all you need is a $60 deposit to order

We accept cash, money order, personal/business check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

*Please Note: Personal/business checks are not accepted for final payment when items are delivered at school.*

You may sign in to check your balance and pay online at our payment portal.

Your user ID and passcode is located on your invoice. If you do not know your user ID or passcode, please click on the Look Up My Order link.

The usual production time is six weeks but fortunately, most schools ask that students receive their items together as a class. Please ask your class sponsor or check out the calendar page for upcoming delivery events.

You may continue to make payments on your item(s) by using the payment options listed on your invoice.

Please ask your class sponsor or check our calendar page for upcoming events.

Send it to us by following these simple steps.

Custom Jostens rings start at less than $100 and go up to over $2,000. Class rings are meant to symbolize this special time in your life without breaking the bank. Please choose a ring that fits your budget and we promise you will wear it with pride for a lifetime.

Learn more about metal options here.

No, there are no other fees or required add-ons.

A ring ceremony is when your class receives their rings as a class at a formal event at the school. This event is usually in the evening and families are invited to partake in this special moment.

Everyone receives a free four-year Ring Protection Plan on their class ring. We also offer an Extended Ring Protection Plan if you would like to extend your protection an additional six years for less than $20. Click here to learn more!