Class Rings

How do I see my ring balance? You may sign in and check your ring balance online at www.rhodesgraduation.com or www.jostens.com.

What is my user ID and passcode? Your personal school user ID and passcode is located on your invoice along with your balance amount.

When will my ring be delivered? The usual production time for custom rings is 6 weeks. Your ring will be delivered to you at school when the balance is paid in full and/or at a ring delivery event at your school.

If I can’t pay my balance by delivery, what happens? You may continue to make payments on your class ring by using the payment options listed on your emailed or mailed invoice.

When are you coming back to my school? Please call our office at 803.485.4503, Mon.-Fri. between the hours of 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. to confirm the next date our representative will be at your school.

How can I get my ring resized or repaired? You may go online to www.jostens.com, print a repair form through warranty and follow the submission directions. You may also inquire as to the next date our representative will visit your school to receive your ring for repair or resizing.

What are the order payment instructions? Click here.

How much does a ring cost? Jostens rings start at $69.99 and have prices for all budgets. The price is determined by the style and metal chosen. 

What are the differences in metal quality? Learn more about metal quality here

Are there hidden or required add-ons to a ring purchased? No. There are no other fees or required add-ons.

What is the Ring ceremony? The ring ceremony is one of the most memorable moments of these students' high school career. Watch this video to get a feel for it. 

What if my ring is lost or damaged? You receive a Ring Protection Plan on most High School class rings. We also offer an Extended Ring Protection Plan. Click here to learn more.


What are the required Items to participate in graduation? Graduation requirements depend on your school’s specific requirements. Please call to confirm.

What is the deadline to order? December 1st to avoid additional rush fees.

How can I get an itemized list of my order? You should receive at least two invoices which will indicate the items ordered. These invoices should also correlate with your receipts from order day.

What is my invoice number? You can find your invoice number in the top right corner of your printed invoice.

What’s my balance? Please see your invoice stating your items ordered, balance due and a payment and/or final due date.

Can I change my order? Orders may be changed within 3 business days of placing the order.

Will the products ship to my house or the school? Graduation items are shipped and delivered to your school.

Why haven’t I received any invoices? If you haven’t receive an invoice, you may want to call the processing center to verify your address.

What is a diploma plaque? A DP is an exact screen print of your diploma on metal mounted on a wooden plaque and may be hung on a wall.

Can I pay my balance to the school? Most schools do not accept payments. We ask that all payments be made to RGS via mail, online, or when the representative is at your school for a specified collection day.

When are you coming back to my school? Please check with your senior sponsor to verify in-school dates.

Can I place my order over the phone? No orders can be accepted by phone. All orders must be submitted at the school on specified order dates or placed online at www.rhodesgraduation.com.

How should the gown fit? Graduation gowns are made to fit each individual.  They made to drape loosely on the student.  The length of the gown should be, half way between your knee and ankle (mid shin). 

What if I have the wrong size?  If the gown does not fit you, please contact our office so we can exchange the gown and get you one that fits.

How many announcements should I order? An average student typically orders 40-50 Announcements.  It all depends on how big or small your family is and how many people you plan on inviting to your graduation / graduation party.

What else should I know about payments? For additional information on ordering and payments, go here