The Rhodes Experience

Student Experience

Students: Your experience starts from the day we meet whether that is through a school communications blast or in a class meeting. Our goal is to help walk you through this amazing milestone by showing you what is available, how to customize your items, and take care of everything you need. We are here for you!!


Parent Experience

Parents: Your experience can start prior to the class meeting by visiting our website and discussing options with your student. After the class meeting, your student will bring home all of the materials passed out during the class meeting. These items include: a custom catalog, online and in-person ordering instructions, warranty information, etc. By using a combination of social media, text messaging, school communications, and email, we’ll deliver important information such as order dates and payment information every way possible. Our main goal is to keep you, the parent/guardian, in the loop of what is happening and be there as your advocate during this important milestone.


School Experience

School administrators: Your experience is the best part about Rhodes Graduation Services. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do all the work. We are in constant contact with you and guide you through our process.

Rhodes takes care of everything. Our customer service takes care of the students and parents at every step in the process. During the presentation, we inform students about their class rings and we teach them a little history on the rings that unite them as a class. Every step of our process addresses them as an entire class.

Our school support is unmatched on every level! Our partner schools support our programs because they know they’re building school spirit and unity that will trickle down into other classes. We get the most positive feedback from schools about our ring ceremony tradition. Each year, and at every school, participation in the ring ceremony grows and grows. Schools are extremely receptive because it brings students and parents to the school and allows them to share something special. We cater our service to your school as necessary and are constantly available to help our sponsors.