The Rhodes Experience

Student Experience

Students: Your experience starts when we meet a small group of juniors who are instrumental in our ring program: the school appointed ring staff. During this meeting, we explain the roles of the ring staff, which include modeling rings, sporting ring staff shirts, assisting in the presentation and most importantly, helping us host the ring ceremony.

The presentation is the only time that we sit down with your entire class and speak about designing your class ring. This allows you to fill in the blanks and design your own unique ring. You and your classmates will have different ideas of what you want your ring to look like. Regardless of differences in look and style, your ring shares the common bond, tying you to the school and the rest of your class.

After the presentation, you have all the necessary materials and are encouraged to go design your custom class ring. Our online designer is easy to use and allows you the freedom and choice to build the perfect class ring and proof the final product before the ring is ordered. You’re able to customize without worrying about add-on fees. The design and ordering process is a very exciting time and creates a positive buzz around campus!

The class rings are not just delivered, they are presented individually to each student at the ring ceremony. This event is put on by your school, and you and your parents are invited to receive your ring. The principal presents your ring to your parents who then present the ring to you. After all class rings have been presented, you’ll place your ring on your finger as a class. This is an awesome spectacle that you and your class will remember for years to come.

Parent Experience

Parents: Your experience starts at home. After the presentation, your student brings all the ring material home including a ring book and the online ring design instructions. You may assist your student in the ring design process online or using the book. By using a combination of social media, text message and email, we’ll deliver important information such as order dates and payment information.

A special promotion for any junior that orders a class ring on the original order day will receive a free companion ring. The companion ring is a great gift for your student’s someone special. We know mothers also love companion rings!

We have rings for every style and budget. Our rings start at $89.99 and go up from there. Once the deposit is placed on the ring, you and your student will begin electronically receiving invoices which include all pay instructions. Choose your own interest-free payment schedule! You pay what you want when you want – up until delivery.

You play just as big of a role in the ring ceremony as your student does, and that’s what makes it special. You present the ring box to your student. This simple gesture is a powerful one, and everyone in the room can feel it.¬†You’ll also love the fact that we will take care of our rings. No matter how old or what the condition, we will cover the ring for life.

School Experience

School administrators: Your experience is the best part about Rhodes Graduation Services. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do all the work. We are in constant contact with you and guide you through our process.

Rhodes takes care of everything. Our customer service takes care of the students and parents at every step in the process. During the presentation, we inform students about their class rings and we teach them a little history on the rings that unite them as a class. Every step of our process addresses them as an entire class.

Our school support is unmatched on every level! Our partner schools support our programs because they know they’re building school spirit and unity that will trickle down into other classes. We get the most positive feedback from schools about our ring ceremony tradition. Each year, and at every school, participation in the ring ceremony grows and grows. Schools are extremely receptive because it brings students and parents to the school and allows them to share something special. We cater our service to your school as necessary and are constantly available to help our sponsors.